The President of Serbia visited HiTeam
President Vučić started his visit to Vršac in the Technology Park, where he visited the newly opened DATA center and the production and business facility for the production of IT equipment of the company E-Smart Systems. In addition to President Aleksandar Vučić, the South Banat District is also visited by Igor Mirović, Prime Minister of Vojvodina, Zlatibor Lončar, Minister of Health, Nikola Selaković, General Secretary of the President's Office, Ivica Kojić, Head of the President's Office, Branko Malović and associates, Marko Blagojević, Director of the Public Investment Management Office and Zoran Drobnjak, director of "Roads of Serbia".

The president was welcomed in front of the company by the mayor of Vrsac, Dragana Mitrović, the owner of "E-smart system", Goran Veljović, and the director of the company "HITeam", Dejan Tanasijević. President Vučić visited the facility with the hosts and watched a film about the company's work and their future plans.

- The future of Serbia is in the development of the IT sector, which is among the largest exporters in Serbia. The Science and Technology Park in Vršac is home to some of them, President Vučić pointed out.