System support
Monitoring, tracking and adjustment

Maintenance of computer equipment

System support is implemented through supervising, monitoring and adjusting the key parameters of the information system, so that it is permanently available and responsive.

    HiTeam offers services:
  • computer network design, implementation and maintenance (Cisco, Allied Telesys, ...)
  • maintenance and administration of server systems (Microsoft windows server, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Sharepoint portal, Microsoft SQL Server)
  • maintenance and administration of client systems (PC workstations, peripherals, printers)
  • support via remote systems
  • on-site support
  • assistance in selecting the appropriate computer equipment
  • diagnostics and effective problem solving

Structured cabling

Modern computer networks are most often implemented on the principle of structured cabling, in order to ensure the unified transfer of information in a business system. In addition to the network transmission itself, this system can also transmit video, telephone, control and alarm signals.

Structured cabling services include a detailed survey of the location in order to collect the necessary data such as existing installations, building foundations of the facility and details of energy grounding.

Based on these data, the preliminary vertical and horizontal cable routes and the layout of distribution cabinets are determined.

A well-established structured cabling system results in a change in the physical layout of workplaces in the building without the need for any intervention on the cables.

HiTeam has all the necessary licenses to perform technical protection work (video surveillance, alarm systems, access control), as well as extensive experience in structural cabling, as evidenced by our numerous REFERENCE.

Sharepoint portal

Microsoft Sharepoint portal is an application that brings together all products from the Office package - Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Visio, Outlook in one place, whether it is a corporate intranet or the Internet.

Sharepoint portal offers the possibility for authorized employees to access the contents of the portal through their web browser while saving all changes to documents, with the history of changes and automatic notification of changes.

The Sharepoint portal is intended for multi-user work, so that while one employee makes changes to a document, other employees can access that document without hindrance. Additional possibilities are fast creation of web forms, monitoring the execution of tasks, writing blogs and knowledge bases, all without programming knowledge.

There is also the possibility of creating business processes (workflows) through which it is possible to obtain the functionality of electronic authentication of documents through Email.

Sharepoint supports the display and playback of images, audio and video files with an easy search of all contents on the portal.

It also enables easy integration with other applications in the company, whether it is ERP, CRM or a third system.

Several successfully completed projects of rebranding Intranet sites based on the Sharepoint platform, as well as a large number of customizations and installations of this platform represent our rich experience and guarantee that we will find the right solution for your needs related to the Sharepoint platform.