Final works at the Minth Loznica factory
HiTeam contributed to the completion of works at the newly opened Minth factory in Loznica in the following segments:

Video surveillance and access control - In building A1 of the Minth complex in Loznica, during the construction phase of the facility itself, Hiteam's SKS team worked on the installation of video surveillance, WiFi AP (access point) and access control as well as on the assembly and adjustment of the elements of those systems.

UPS and IT room - Installation, connection and functional testing of optical connections and network installation in the A1 building of the Minth complex in Loznica. A 20KVA UPS that supplies the main IT room, as well as 7 racks of cabinets distributed throughout the A1 building, was also connected and put into operation.

BMS (Building Management System) - In the A1 building, a system was installed and programmed for the management and control of temperature, humidity, uninterruptible power supply system UPS and climate in the IT room.