The most modern video-conferencing solutions in HiTeam
HiTeam has successfully completed the installation and testing of a state-of-the-art Poly Eagle Eye Director II video conference system for the needs of its exclusive client.

With its intelligent software, two cameras (Eagle Eye IV) and seven integrated microphones, Eagle Eye Director II creates an automatic and seamless transition between recordings of an active speaker or group in real time so that participants can concentrate on their topics and do not have to move , tilt and zoom manually using the remote control. When a voice is located in space, the Eagle Eye Director II Camera Tracker uses facial recognition algorithms to determine whether the user is talking to other people in the room or at the other end. The camera automatically zooms in and places the speaker in the appropriate position. Through this three-step process, the participants at the other end have multiple benefits in the form of clear reproduction of both sound and an impressive visual experience.

For larger meetings, the two systems can now be connected in cascade mode to ensure that every part of the meeting is visible by improving accuracy and reach.