HiTeam opened the FIRST GREEN DATA CENTER in Serbia

With the ceremonial immersion of the server, the first green data center in Serbia was put into operation in Vršac. Except for the representatives of E-smart sistems and HiTeam, who have built this data center, the American company Green Revolution Cooling whose technology has been applied, and the company Supermicro whose servers have been submerged, the event was also attended by representatives of the local government, the Ministry of Environment and the US Embassy in Serbia.

New data centers are practically "sprouting" day by day, they consume huge amounts of resources and their work significantly affects the environment. As of today, the ZELENDATA center in Vršac, the first in Serbia, will use the revolutionary technology of cooling server equipment, by immersion in coolant.

"The results of all this can be seen in the reduction of the costs of building the DATA center, in the reduction of electricity consumption for cooling the DATA center, and, finally, in the reduction of the costs of maintaining the DATA center," explained Goran Veljovic, marketing and sales director of E Smart Sistems.

The refrigerant used in this data center has a 1,200 times higher heat capacity than air, which makes heat dissipation far faster and more efficient. It is planned to accommodate 12 IceRaq Quad systems with four 25kW rack units on 400m2 of space, which is equivalent to 240 standard air-cooled racks.

"Vrsac has been showing for decades that it is actually keeping pace with the world. Apart from Hemofarm, STADE and other companies that have been working here successfully for a very long time, Vrsac is showing where Serbia should be in this way today. "Serbia wants to have: a different kind of logic, that the environment is the most important," said the Minister of Environmental Protection of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Goran Trivan. Both the Minister and the US Ambassador Anthony Godfrey expressed satisfaction that the technologies of American manufacturers, specifically Green Revolution Cooling, , were selected for the work of the ZELENDATA Center:

"Certainly, such projects play an important part in the digitalization of Serbian society, and represent an important part of Serbia's information infrastructure. We are always ready to support projects that use innovative technologies and expand cooperation between Serbian and American companies," said Ambassador Godfrey.

The possibility of starting the production of GRC products in Serbia, for needs of the European market, is currently being negotiated, and the authorities have announced support for this type of cooperation and improvement of relations between the two countries. In addition, Vrsac is ready for new investments.

This Green DATA center is an investment that will complete this technology park as an industrial zone, which means that we need new capacities in Vršac. For this reason, the City of Vršac has entered the design of a new industrial zone "North", which is certainly an invitation to all investors to come to our city ", said the mayor of Vrsac, Dragana Mitrović.

Satisfaction with the launch of the ZELENDATA center in Vršac was also expressed by the representatives of the company Supermicro whose servers were the first to be flooded, thus announcing a green revolution in this area in our country.