Hemofarm's site shone with a new glow

At the beginning of October, Hemofarm's new corporate website was successfully launched, which once again proved that HiTeam can successfully cope with the biggest design and development challenges when it comes to web technology.

According to the officials in the Corporate and Marketing Department of Hemofarm, the new site is a big step forward in the development of external communications at the level of the entire STADA group, and represents a step forward in visually consolidating and presenting relevant information of this successful corporation, regardless of whether about news, videos, photos, documents, blogs...

The upcoming launch of the new website was preceded by hard work in the past few months. "The Internet project team, of which we have been an integral part since the first day, has done a great job and deserves all the praise. I am especially proud of my team because due to their knowledge, dedication and commitment they contributed to the successful launch of the website, all that time guided by the idea that the visual identity and access to information needs to be original and recognizable - in a word in the spirit of the new wave of digitalization, "he said. Milan Sasic, technical director at HiTeam.